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Corpus CoMeRe cmr-intermittent-tei-v1 : corpus #Intermittent, tweets liés à un événement discursif controversé

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Longhi, J., Borzic, B., Alkhouli, A.(2016). #Intermittent: constitution d'un corpus lié à un événement discursif controversé. In Chanier T. (ed) Banque de corpus CoMeRe. Ortolang.fr : Nancy. [https://hdl.handle.net/11403/comere/cmr-intermittent/cmr-intermittent-tei-v1]


The corpus #Intermittent gathers tweets of 215 accounts identified as interested in the issue of the intermittents (contract/temporary workers from the entertainment industry). The Twitter accounts (twittos in French) have permitted the extraction of 586 239 tweets: the corpus is constituted by the 10876 tweets from these 58239 with the hashtag "intermittent". The corpus has been converted to the TEI format within the framework of the project CoMeRe (Communication médiée par les réseaux, Network mediated communication) . The CoMeRe projet aims to gather different corpus that represent the forms of communication in French on the networks (Internet, phone, etc.), all structured and informed in the same way, diffused in open acces for research purposes. The CoMeRe projet has received the support of ORTOLANG (the French equivalent of DARIAH) and of the national consortium Written-Corpus ('Corpus-écrits') , subsection of Huma-Num.

Keywords: Tweet; Computer Mediated Communication; CMC;


This corpus contains :

https://hdl.handle.net/11403/comere/cmr-intermittent/cmr-intermittent-tei-v1-manuel.pdf; https://hdl.handle.net/11403/comere/cmr-intermittent/cmr-intermittent-tei-v1.xml;



This corpus can be freely distributed and shared subject only to attribution. The way to reference / cite the corpus is given in the bibliographicCitation
Rights holders of this corpus are: Julien Longhi ; Thierry Chanier