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Corpus CoMeRe cmr-smslareunion-tei-v1 : Grand corpus de sms provenant de la Réunion

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Ledegen, G.(2014). Grand corpus de sms smslareunion, .In Chanier T. (ed) Banque de corpus CoMeRe. Ortolang : Nancy. [https://hdl.handle.net/11403/comere/cmr-smslareunion/cmr-smslareunion-tei-v1]


The first version of the corpus was established in the context of the operation sms4science (Fairon 2006), a research program initiated in 2004 by the CENTAL (Centre de Traitement Automatique du Langage, Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium). Conducted in La Réunion, first, the project has brought together 21 694 SMS messages from the period from April to June 2008, coming from 1,744 users, giving 12,622 finalized SMS messages.

The initial corpus was converted into TEI within the framework of the CoMeRe (Communication médiée par les réseaux) http://comere.org. This project aims to assemble different network-mediated communication corpora in French (Internet, telecommunication), to structure them in a standard format and to release the corpora in an open access format for research purposes. The CoMeRe project has received support from ORTOLANG and the national consortium Corpus-écrits.

Keywords: Short Message Service; Computer Mediated Communication; CMC;


This corpus contains :

https://hdl.handle.net/11403/comere/cmr-smslareunion/cmr-smslareunion-tei-v1.xml ; https://hdl.handle.net/11403/comere/cmr-smslareunion/cmr-smslareunion-tei-v1-manuel.pdf ; https://hdl.handle.net/11403/comere/cmr-smslareunion/cmr-smslareunion-tei-v1-questionnaire.pdf; https://hdl.handle.net/11403/comere/cmr-smslareunion/cmr-smslareunion-tei-v1-answers.csv;



This corpus can be freely distributed and shared subject only to attribution. The way to reference / cite the corpus is given in the bibliographicCitation
Rights holders of this corpus are: LCF ; Gudrun Ledegen ; Thierry Chanier