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CoMeRe Repository: Corpora of Computer-Mediated Communication in French

This repository includes corpora of mono or multimodal interactions mediated through networks (Internet, Phone, etc.). Three fundamental principles underlie CoMeRe: variety, standards, openness.

Reference : Chanier,T., Poudat,C., Sagot, B., Antoniadis, G., Wigham,C. R. , Hriba, L.,Longhi, J. & Seddah, D. (2014) « The CoMeRe corpus for French: structuring and annotating heterogeneous CMC genres ». Special issue on « Building And Annotating Corpora Of Computer-Mediated Discourse: Issues and Challenges at the Interface of Corpus and Computational Linguistics ». JLCL (Journal of Language Technology and Computational Linguistics). pp1-31. http://www.jlcl.org/2014_Heft2/Heft2-2014.pdf

CMC genres

- cmr-smslareunion
- cmr-smsalpes
- cmr-88milsms

Wiki discussions
- cmr-wikiconflits
- cmr-polititweets
- cmr-intermittent

- cmr-infral
- cmr-simuligne

Discussion forum
- cmr-simuligne
Text chat
- cmr-getalp_org
- cmr-favi
- cmr-favi (POS tagged)
- cmr-simuligne
- cmr-copeas
- cmr-tridem06
Multimodal + 3D
- cmr-archi21

List of corpora



Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont : Thierry Chanier, Paul Lotin ; Université de Nice : Céline Poudat ; Ortolang : Kun Jin ; Consortium Corpus-écrits : Linda Hriba ; Université Cergy-Pontoise : Julien Longhi ; Université Rennes 2 : Gudrun Ledegen ; Université Stendhal, Grenoble : Georges Antoniadis ; Université Paris 7 / Inria : Benoit Sagot ; Université Lyon 2 : Ciara Wigham ; CNAM, Paris: Camille Paloques-Berges ; Université Paris 3 : Georgeta Cislaru


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Consortium Corpus-écrits
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National Infrastructure for Digital Humanities
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Research Unit LRL, Clermont Université
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European SIG: TEI for CMC
Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

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